Teacher Training in France

The Aladdin Project extends its activities to France by developing an initial and continuous training program in cooperation with the French Ministry of National Education, aimed primarily at school teachers and history teachers in middle and high schools. Those courses focus on the history of Jewish-Muslim relations in Northern Africa, the history of anti-Semitism, the history of immigration and anti-Arab racism in France. Taught by highly qualified speakers (researchers, academics and educators specializing in these subjects), these courses will be organized by the Aladdin Project in partnership with educational facilities and the Interministerial Delegation for the fight against racism and anti-Semitism: they will give teachers essential knowledge on historical facts that are insufficiently known yet necessary to understand French society’s issues and evolutions, so they can use them in their teachings. Educational resources, in particular audio-visual resources, will also be offered to the teachers.



 • Jean-Pierre OBIN, French General Inspector of National Education

• Alain SEKSIG, Inspector of National Education, entrusted with the mission “Secular High Council for Integration” (HCI)

• Patrick DEMOUGIN, lecturer (HC) at the IUFM Montpellier

• Benoît FALAIZE, professor of history, National Institute for Educational Research (INRP)

• Anny DAYAN-ROSENMAN, lecturer at the University of Paris VII and a member of the Board of Directors of the Aladdin Project

• Michel ABITBOL, ​​professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, expert in the history of the Jews in North Africa

• Lucette VALENSI, Director emeritus of Studies at the EHESS, expert in the Mediterranean worlds

• Nilüfer GÖLE, professor of sociology, Director of Studies at the EHESS, French-Turkish expert in questions about Islam, Muslims and Europe (board member of the Aladdin Project)

• Pierre-André TAGUIEFF (tbc), Director of Research at the CNRS and attached to the Centre for Policy Research of the Institute of Political Sciences (CEVIPOF)