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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who is Jewish?
  2. How many Jews are there in the world today?
  3. Are Jews a race?
  4. What is anti-Semitism?
  5. Is there a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world?
  6. Is U.S. foreign policy dominated by the Jews?
  7. What does the term “Holocaust” mean?
  8. What does “Final Solution” refer to?
  9. How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?
  10. What is the evidence that so many Jews were killed by the Nazis?
  11. Why did the Nazis single out the Jews – among all their “enemies” – for extermination?
  12. Did ordinary Germans know about the persecution of Jews while it was happening?
  13. Did the people of occupied Europe know what the Germans were doing to Jews at the time?
  14. Who are “Righteous Among the Nations”?
  15. Could anything have done to stop the genocide of the Jews?
  16. Why do the Jews regard the Holocaust as unique, while so many human beings have lost their lives in other catastrophes throughout history?
  17. What was the difference between concentration camps and extermination camps under the Nazi regime?
  18. Why did the Nazis build the extermination camps outside Germany?
  19. Did the Jews try to fight against the Nazis?
  20. What did the Nazis really think about Muslims?
  21. What was the attitude of Muslims towards the Nazis?
  22. Did any Muslims help save the lives of Jews fleeing Nazi persecution?
  23. Have Jews and Muslims always been each other’s enemies?
  24. Did Jews live better in the past under Islam than under Christianity?
  25. Are there examples of harmonious Jewish-Muslim coexistence in history?
  26. What does Islam say about Jews?
  27. Is Islam against the Jews?
  28. The Holocaust is part of European history, so why should it be relevant to Muslims?
  29. What is Holocaust denial?
  30. What evidence is there that the Nazis gassed their victims?
  31. Why are people who question the "Holocaust" accused of being anti-Semitic or neo-Nazi?
  32. Why is it a crime in European countries to deny the Holocaust?
  33. Why is Holocaust denial so widespread in Arab and Muslim countries?
  34. How was Holocaust denial “imported” to the Muslim world?
  35. What do Muslims gain in denying the Holocaust?
  36. Did Jews use the Holocaust to bring about the creation of Israel?
  37. Doesn’t talking about the Holocaust benefit Israel?
  38. Why can't the Israeli-Palestinian conflict be compared to the Holocaust?
  39. Why should the Palestinians, who had nothing to do with the Holocaust, pay the price for it?
  40. Why is there so much talk about the Holocaust?