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Ms. Fathia Benatsou

Member of the Economic and Social Council

Ms. Fathia Benatsou is a member of the Economic and Social Council of France.

Mr. Jacques Andréani

Veteran French diplomat

Mr. Jacques Andréani is a veteran French diplomat with over 40 years of experience in the French Foreign Service. He served as the French ambassador to Egypt, Italy and then the United States from 1989 to 1995. He is the author of "America and Us".

Mr. Ghaleb Bencheikh

President of World Conference of Religions for Peace

Mr. Ghaleb Bencheikh anchors the weekly religious program on Islam on France's national television, France 2. He chairs the World Conference of Religions for Peace and lectures widely in France and abroad on his vision of a modern, open Islam.

Ms. Chahla Chafiq

Sociologist and human rights advocate

Ms. Chahla Chafiq is an Iranian sociologist living in exile in France. She has lectured and written extensively on the situation of women in Muslim societies. Her book, "Women under the Veil" was published in France in 1995.

Ms. Dounia Bouzar

Anthropologist and author

Ms. Dounia Bouzar is a French anthropologist of Algerian origin and Moroccan origin. She converted to Islam in 1991 and was appointed to serve on the principal organization for French Muslims, the CFCM, from which she later resigned.

Imam Tareq Oubrou

President of Association of French Imams

Imam Tareq Oubrou, born in Morocco, is director of the Bordeaux Mosque and president of the Association of the Imams of France.