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Mehnaz Afridi

This is a fantastic website! Thank you. I am a Muslim writing a book "Shoah Through Muslim Eyes", a Muslim woman's journey...
Mehnaz Afridi
Professor of Humanities
Long Beach, California


Michel Benveniste

Fantastic job! Congratulations.


Howard K.
Ohio, U.S.

What an irony of history that so many in the Muslim lands, which historically were much more accommodating to Jews than Christian Europe, should now refuse to believe the supreme act of European anti-Semitism.


Michael Fingerhut
Paris, France

I have just heard of your web site, which I started perusing with much interest (I am the author of a site you reference...)
Best regards 


New York, U.S.

Congratulations for your informative website. I strongly believe that individuals should have the necessary information available to them and make their own mind up, but it is true that if leaders speak out unequivocally on issues of grave moral importance, it helps! So thumbs up for the King of Morocco and his message to the Aladdin Project.



In you essays you say that the Holocaust was "industrialised mass murder for the sole reason of their religion." This is not true since secular and even Christian Jews (converted) were murdered as well. According to the Nazi law from 4.10.1936 even baptized Jews were considered Jews. Thus, the Holocaust was ethnic cleansing and not religious one. Racial, if you would like to call it this way. Very interesting website you have.


Ottawa, Canada

As a Christian living in Canada, the Middle East conflict to me is a remote issue, but in coming across your website, I cannot but wonder how anyone with just a bit of historical knowledge could think that the Holocaust was a hoax? I support a just solution for the Palestinians, but when they deny the Holocaust outright they just show utter ignorance of history.


Paul Bradley
Cheshire, UK

Having lived and worked in the Middle East for five years, I can understand why "Holocaust denial" can be popular in such societies. We are talking about people who are subjected everyday to propaganda and misinformation about every aspect of their lives. "Truth" on anything is in very short supply. This has led to a very strong culture of paranoia, scepticism and disbelief, where conspiracy theories thrive. The Arab-Israeli conflict may have turned the situation far worse, but it's not the only cause.

Amjad Mansoor
Lahore, Pakistan

As a Muslim, I totally reject what Hezbollah has said about the Diary of Anne Frank. How stupid of them to claim that the book was written as propaganda for Israel, when in fact Anne Frank died and the Diary was published before the state of Israel was created. It is dehumanizing, unethical and in my view un-Islamic to deny the suffering and the injustice that this little girl and her fellow Jewish people were subjected to in the hands of the Nazis. Thank you, Aladdin Project, for bringing to our attention this important issue.

Kathy P.
Sydney, Australia

What makes Hezbollah so afraid of the diary of a girl who died at the tender age of fifteen in a Nazi death camp? I wonder...


Majed Al-Rasheed
Birmingham, UK

I am delighted to see that many Lebanese and Arab personalities have spoken out against the censorship of Anne Frank's Diary. Groups like Hezbollah tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims. A society where the state or political forces take it upon themselves to dictate to people what they should or shouldn't read is a sick society.

Jasem Tarawneh
Amman, Jordan

Let the people read and decide for themselves. I don't want Hezbollah (or any political group) to decide what books my daughters should read at school. Muslims should oppose censorship, not enforce it. They should remember what the Almighty says in the Holy Koran: "Proclaim the good news to my Servants, who listen to [all] that is being said and follow the best in it. Those are the ones whom God has guided." (Surah Az-Zumar, ayah 18)

Adel Olivier, France

I had a very nice visit to your site, which presents a strong and excellent initative, through the Aladdin Project, against extremism and obscurantism. What saddens me, however, is not being able, as a citizen, to be associated with this outstanding initiative to learn about respect for the memory. Best regards

Adel Olivier

Mediterranean Association for Memory and Reconciliation


M'rad Kamel, France

I am very happy to see that such actions are finally undertaken in the sense of dialogue between peoples ... I suggest you visit my small publishing house that works with its limited resources in this direction ... Since September 2008 we made the decision to publish in Arabic, French and English, a play (as a monologue) by Mr. Jacques BRUYAS, entitled "The last grimace" which tells the story of the massacre of 480 Jewish children, and a clown who accompanied them to death ... I hope we will have an opportunity to speak further on these issues that are so close to our hearts.

Best regards,

Kamel M'RAD

Poet, Publisher


K. Ahmed, Morocco

I discovered your site through articles that have appeared in the Moroccan press about the Aladdin Project. I commend you for trying to rebuild the bonds of friendship between Jews and Muslims. It is especially important for younger generations to think and choose books that appeal to them.


Yann B, France

I'm a journalist in Paris working for a specialist journal on the Maghreb, I would like to be kept regularly informed of your activities. I also wanted to have some more information on the meeting in Rabat. We have had little opportunity so far to talk in our journal about the Holocaust, but we reported on a memory trip last December to Auschwitz by Moroccan students.


W.F., Kigali, Rwanda

Dear friends, for some time I have been visiting your website and and each time it gives me real cerebral pleasure. You have an excellent website for the Aladdin Project ... I take this opportunity to inform you that 7 April 2009 is the 15th anniversary of the Tutsi genocide...


Rashid M., France

I am a journalist and I want to receive regular information about the Aladdin Project. It is a project that I find rich in content and very timely. How can one join the Committee on Conscience or become involved and participate in the organization of summer schools?


O. R. France

Very good initiative. How can one  join this committee? Is there a newsletter?


Jassem T. (university professor), Amman, Jordan

I am normally very wary of projects of intercultural dialogue, but I think yours deserves more attention because you managed to unite under one roof Arabs, Jews and Europeans who are credible and influential. It remains to be seen whether the beautiful message of this project can be heard in the current political climate. In any case, I wish you success.


Omar F., Denmark

I just came across your site. As someone who has been forced to flee his country (Iraq), I can well understand the suffering of Jews. No Muslim can deny the suffering of other human beings. We Iraqis are very proud of our history and we know that the Jews lived in Iraq for centuries. There was even an ancient synagogue not far from home in Baghdad (Batawain). I hope that all conflicts will end so that our children can finally live in peace.


CW (university professor) Strasbourg, France

While in Paris, I discovered your site in "Direct Soir" daily of 27/3/09, I would be happy, to the extent of my ability and availability, to participate in this project, whose site is already a success .


A. Tsvi, Israel

I congratulate you for opening this site. I think it is important to add in the "Muslims and Jews" an article on the Jews of Libya. Some Libyan Jews were exterminated in the camps in Germany. It is also important to remember the story of one of the oldest Jewish communities. Thank you in advance.


A. Dia, Mauritania

 I read sections of your site. For my part, I hope you will educate the younger generations in universities and other venues to allow the emergence of tangible results. I welcome the participation in this project of Mr. Vall, the former president of my country. He once again demonstrates his courage and sense of duty. I am fully at your disposal to get involved in this project. Good luck to you.


E.D, France

I use this website to educate myself and will continue reading this site to expand my knowledge. I hope your site will see the success that you expect.


Yasser A., Umm Faham, Israel

As an Arab native of Umm Faham, I would like to congratulate the leaders of Arab countries who have recognized the Holocaust. Everyone must work tirelessly for peace. I wish you every success.


O.L., Mauritania

I am the webmaster of a Mauritanian website which is available in three languages (Arabic, French and English). We are interested in your project and we have taken the liberty to put information on our website without seeking your approval. We hope not to have exceeded the limits of copyright and we wish you success for this very useful project.


Amal N., Tunis

I heard about this project at university and I must congratulate you for the quality of this site. I am positively surprised by the strong presence of Tunisian intellectuals in your initiative.


DJ, France

What a beautiful and exciting initiative! Thank you to all who work in this direction! I would like to introduce you to a project that works along similar lines and will send you all the information. Thank you and bravo again


Sohrab E., Tehran, Iran

A friend showed me your website recently and I read your articles on the history of the Holocaust and Jewish history in Iran. I find it unfortunate that this site is not better known in Iran. I suggest that you add articles by well-knownIranian writers and thinkers and put more news on the site. Recently, the BBC Persian gave a program on a Jewish Iranian singer who became famous in the United States. You can put her songs on the site. I think there are lots of text and there should be more multimedia features.


Chantal M., Belgium

How to send a message of tolerance through the Holocaust? This question led me to set up a forum for exchange and brotherhood in the "symbolic" city of Oswiecim (Auschwitz). For more information:,


Z. Paul, France

A big congratulation and thank you! A Roman Catholic, born in Alexandria


Suraya M., London, UK

I am delighted to find the former president of my country, Mr. Wahid, among the sponsors of this project. He is an exceptional man who has always defended the values of tolerance and freedom. If all people of faith thought, preached and acted like him, the world would be a much better place.